Your secret weapon for cloud: automatic Reserved Instance and Savings Plan optimization

ProsperOps algorithms dynamically blend savings instruments to drive AWS compute discounts to 40+% while minimizing your lock-in risk.

Let us quantify how much more we can save you on your AWS cloud bill.

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Questions we'll answer for you:

  • How much are you saving with RIs and Savings Plans globally?

  • Have you covered enough of your EC2, Fargate, and Lambda spend based on your tolerance for risk?

  • Are you missing out on the highest discounts?

  • Are your RI and Savings Plan commitments fully utilized?

  • Is using capital to pre-pay commits a good idea?

1. Sign Up

Create a no-risk, no-obligation ProsperOps account

2. Access

Grant least-privilege access to your AWS payer account in 5 minutes

3. Analysis

Algorithms crunch the numbers to understand your savings potential

4. Review

Our AWS savings experts personally review our findings

ProsperOps autonomous cost optimization can move you into the 98th percentile of AWS savers

  • More cloud savings than what you're currently achieving; add money back to your cloud budget.

  • Minimize AWS lock-in and contract risk with flexible, short-term commitments.  

  • Simple, fully autonomous experience... we do the work, you get the outcome.

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